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she's like oh my god

I just can't release it the memory of you.I got misery,cuz i'll love you till the end.You said that you loved me,that i'm the only one.But what you call monogamy is lying to everyone.Well i gave you your freedom but that's not the end of that cuz you reached in and stole my heart and now i want it back.

I try to be strong but my strength is skin deep.If happiness is comin',i hope i have the vision to see.Never thought i would find the words that could stand up through any weather,something i could say that you could hear today but stay with you forever.

Just when i was losing faith and i was losing my way,you came to me as clear as day.Innocent and mild.You must be heaven's child.Sent to make me believe.On my darkest night all you have to do is smile and you breath new life into me

 There'll be a time what i'm gonna have to leave this sweet place behind but baby before i go,i gotta make sure you know about the joy that you bring to my life.

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