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For you I got love,love,love,love
When I came for my turn,turn,turn,turn
Join me I deserved it
No time to have you lurking
If I got right then you might like it
You know I dealt with you the nicest
Nobody touch me,I 'm the righteous
Nobody text me in a crisis
I believed all of your dreams are fruition
You took my heart and my keys and my vision
You took my heart off my sleeve a decoration
You mistaken my love I brought for you for foundation
All that I wanted from you was to give me something that I never had
Something that you've never seen
Something that you've never been
But I wake up and everything's wrong
Just get ready for work,work,work,work
Beg you something please
Baby don't you leave
Don't leave me stuck here in the streets
If I get another chance to 
I will never,no never neglect you
I mean who am I to hold your past against you
I just hope that it gets to you
I hope that you see this through
I hope that you see this true
What can I say?
please recognize I 'm trying baby I been..
You need to get done,done,done,done
That 'll work come over
We just need to slow the motion
Don't give that away to no one
Long distance,I need you
When I see potential I just gotta see it through
I f you had a twin I would still choose you
I don't wanna rush into it,if it's too soon
But I know you need to get done,done,done,done
If you come over
Sorry if I'm way less friendly
I got niggas tryna end me
Oh,yeah,I spilled all my emotions tonight,I'm sorry
How many move shots until you're rolling?
We just need a face to face
You could pick the time and the place
You spent sometime away
Now you need to forward and give me all the...

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