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You always find the rain in rainbows
And I thought that you were safe
but I could wear that dress
you won't look your best
I could get undressed,you'd still look depressed.
It's all too much,you're so cold to touch
You don't open up
Your kisses are not what I wanted
Your kisses are not what I crave
Your kisses may be a beautiful art
But all i ever wanted was your heart
Right from the start
You only look into my eyes when I've been crying
To see if the tears that you have made,are slowly drying
Oh even if they've dried it
don't mean that i'm feeling okay
cause i'm still sad inside all
i really need is you to comfort me
you don't understand
you don't hold my hand
Then I see that i;m not the only one in your life
And I start to wonder what thiw girl she might be like
And I bet she don't look at stars in the night
I bet she don;t sing
I bet she can't write the lyrics to make you heartbeat
Sing notes to make you go weak
But her kisses were just waht you wanted
But her kisses are just what you crave
And her kisses may be a beautiful art
But she don't really care about your heart

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