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i believe there's love in you
gridlocked on the Dusty Avenues inside your heart
just afraid to go
I'm more than innocent
but just take a chance and let me in
and I'll show you ways
that you don't know
don't complicate it
don't  let the Past Dictate
i have been patient but slowly i'm losing faith
so please i know you baby
i believe you could love me
but you're lost on a road to misery
and what I gave to you
i can never get back
don't drive yourself insane
say what you will but
i know that
you want to stay
so please i know you baby
chemicals rushing in
I know that it's you
That I belong to
i'm burning like a cannonball in the air
crashing into who I belong to the shadows of your heart
are hanging in the sweet Air
the secrets that your hide
control us and it's not fair

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