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my next mistake

“You want me to fight you? Here?” I whisper, trying to contain my surprise. Okay—my shock. He nods, his eyes hooded but wary as he gauges my reaction.“Now?”He shrugs, and I see the idea flit through his mind. He gives me his shy smile and nods again, slowly.
Oh my . . . He’s tense, lying on top of me, and his growing erection is digging tantalizingly into my soft, willing flesh, distracting me. What’s this about? Brawling? Fantasy? Will he hurt me? My inner goddess shakes her head—Never. She’s got her karate suit on, and she’s limbering up. Claude would be pleased.

 “Is this what you meant about coming to bed angry?”He nods once more, his eyes still wary.He wants to rumble.“Don’t bite your lip,” he warns.Compliantly, I release my lip. “I think you have me at a disadvantage.” I bat my lashes and squirm provocatively beneath him. This could be fun.“Disadvantage?”“Surely you’ve already got me where you want me?”He smirks and presses his groin into mine once more.
 “Good point well made, ” he whispers and quickly kisses my lips. Abruptly he shifts and takes me with him, rolling over so I’m straddling him. I grab his hands, pinning them to the side of his head, and ignore the protesting ache from my hand. My hair falls in a chestnut veil around us, and I move my head so that the strands tickle his face. He jerks his face away but doesn’t try to stop me.“So, you want to play rough?” I ask, skimming my crotch over his.His mouth opens and he inhales sharply.“Yes.” He hisses, and I release him.
 “Wait.” I reach over for the glass of water beside the bed. He  must have left it here. It’s cool and sparkling—too cool to have been sitting here for long—and I wonder when he came to bed.As I take a long draught, he trails his fingers in small circles up my thighs, leaving tingling skin in their wake before he cups and squeezes my naked behind. Hmm.Taking a leaf from his impressive repertoire, I lean forward and kiss him, pouring clear cool water into his mouth.He drinks. “Very tasty,” he murmurs, sporting a boyish and playful grin.
 After placing the glass back on the bedside table I remove his hands from my backside and pin them by his head once more.“So I’m supposed to be unwilling?” I smirk.“Yes.”“I’m not much of an actress.”He grins. “Try.”I lean down and kiss him chastely. “Okay, I’ll play,” I whisper, trailing my teeth along his jaw,feeling his prickly stubble beneath my teeth and my tongue.
 He makes a low, sexy sound in his throat and moves, tossing me onto the bed beside him. I cry out  in surprise, then he’s on top of me, and I start to struggle as he makes a grab for my hands. Roughly, I place my hands on his chest, pushing with all my might, trying to move him, while he endeavors to pry my legs apart with his knee.I continue pushing at his chest—Jeez he’s heavy—but he doesn’t flinch, doesn’t freeze as he once might have. He’s enjoying this! He attempts to grab my wrists, and finally captures one, despite my valiant attempts to twist it free. It’s my sore hand, so I surrender it to him, but grab his hair with my other hand and pull hard.
 “Ah!” He yanks his head free and gazes down at me, his eyes wild and carnal.“Savage,” he whispers, his voice laced with salacious delight.In response to this one whispered word, my libido explodes, and I stop acting. Again I struggle in vain to wrest my hand out of his hold. At the  same time I try to hook my ankles together, and attempt to buck him off me. He’s too heavy. Gah! It’s frustrating and hot.With a groan,he captures my other hand. He holds both my wrists in his left hand, and his right travels leisurely—insolently, almost—down my body, fondling and feeling as it goes, tweaking my nipple on the way.
 I yelp in response, pleasure spiking short, sharp, and hot from my nipple to my groin. I make another fruitless attempt to buck him off, but he’s just too on me.When he tries to kiss me I jerk my head to the side so he can’t. Promptly his insolent hand moves from the hem of my T-shirt up to my chin, holding me in place as he runs his teeth along my jaw, mirroring what I did to him earlier.“Oh, baby, fight me,” he murmurs.I twist and writhe, trying to free myself from his merciless hold, but it’s hopeless. He’s much stronger than me. He’s gently biting at my lower lip as his tongue tries to invade my mouth. 

 And I realize I don’t want to resist him. I want him—now, like I always do. I stop fighting and fervently return his kiss. I don’t care that I haven’t brushed my teeth. I don’t care that we’re supposed to be playing some game. Desire,hot and  hard, surges through my bloodstream, and I’m lost. Unhooking my ankles, I wrap my legs around his hips and use my heels to push his  pajamas down over his behind.He breathes, and he kisses me everywhere. And we’re no longer wrestling , but all hands and tongues and touch and taste, quick and urgent.
 “Skin,” he murmurs hoarsely, his breathing labored. He drags me up and tugs off my T-shirt in one swift move.“You,” I whisper while I’m upright, because it’s all I can think of to say. I seize the front his pajamas and yank them down, freeing his erection. I grab and squeeze him. He’s hard. The air whistles  through his teeth as he inhales sharply, and I revel in his response.“Fuck,” he murmurs. He leans back, lifting my thighs, tipping me down onto the bed as I pull and squeeze him tightly, running my hand up and down him.Feeling  a bead of moisture on his tip, I swirl it around with my thumb. As he lowers me to the mattress, I slip my thumb in my mouth to taste him while his hands travel up my body, caressing my hips, my stomach, my breasts.“Taste good?” he asks as he hovers over me, eyes blazing.

 “Yes. Here.” I push my thumb into his mouth, and he sucks and bites the pad. I groan, grasp his head, and pull him down to me so I can kiss him. Wrapping my legs around him, I push his pajamas off his legs with my feet, then cradle him with my legs around his waist. His lips trail from across my jaw to my chin, nipping softly.“You’re so beautiful.” He dips his head lower to the base of my throat. “Such beautiful skin.” His breath is soft as his lips glide down to my breasts.What? I am panting, confused—wanting, now waiting. I thought this was going to be quick.I hear the quiet plea in my voice and reach down, fisting my hands in his hair.“Hush,” he whispers and circles my nipple with his tongue before pulling it into his mouth and tugging hard.

 “Ah!” I moan and squirm, tilting my pelvis up to tempt him. He grins against my skin and turns his attention to my other breast.“Impatient?” He then sucks hard on my nipple. I tug his hair. He groans and peers up. “I’ll restrain you,” he warns.“Take me,” I beg.“All in good time,” he murmurs against my skin. His hand travels down at an infuriatingly slow speed to my hip as he worships my nipple with his mouth. I moan loudly, my breath short and shallow, and I try once more to entice him into me, rocking against him. He’s thick and heavy and close, but he’s taking his own sweet leisurely time with me.Fuck this. I struggle and twist, determined to buck him off me again.
 “What the—”Grabbing my hands, he pins them down on the bed, my arms spread wide, and rests his full body weight on me, completely subduing me. I am breathless, wild.“You wanted resistance,” I say, panting. He rears up over me and gazes down, his hands still locked around my wrists. I place my heels under his behind and push. He doesn’t move. Gah!“You don’t want to play nice?” he asks astonished, his eyes alight with excitement.“I just want you to make love to me.” Could he be any more obtuse? First we’re fighting and wrestling then he’s all tender and sweet. It’s confusing. I’m in bed with Mr. Mercurial.
 “Please.” I press my heels against his backside once more. Burning gray eyes search mine. Oh, what is he thinking? He looks momentarily bewildered and confused. He releases my hands and sits back on his heels, pulling me into his lap.“Okay, we’ll do this your way.” He lifts me up and slowly lowers me on to him so I’m straddling him.“Ah!” This is it. This is what I want. This is what I need. Curling my arms around his neck, I twist my fingers in his hair, glorying in the feeling of him inside me. I start to move. Taking control, taking him at my pace, at my speed. He moans, and his lips find mine, and we’re lost.
 I trail my fingers through the hair on his chest. He lies on his back, still and quiet beside me as we both catch our breath. His hand thrums rhythmically down my back.“You’re quiet,” I whisper and kiss his shoulder. He turns and looks at me, his expression giving nothing away. “That was fun.” Shit, is something wrong?“You confound me.”“Confound you?”He shifts so that we’re face to face. “Yes. You. Calling the shots. It’s . . . different.”“Good different or bad different?” I trail a finger over his lips. His brow furrows, as if he doesn’t quite understand the question. Absentmindedly, he kisses my finger.“Good different,” he says, but he doesn’t sound convinced.
 “You’ve never indulged this little fantasy before?” I blush as I say it. Do I really want to know any more about my husband’s colorful . . . um, kaleidoscopic sex life before me? My subconscious eyes me warily over her tortoiseshell half-moon specs. Do you really want to go there?“No. You can touch me.” It’s a simple explanation that speaks volumes. Of course, the fifteen couldn’t.

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