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warm me up and breathe me

He runs his nose along my jaw and softly kisses my throat, my cheek, my temple as a lie on him, my head lolling against his neck.“Tension relieved?” he closes his teeth around my earlobe again and tugs. My body is drained, totally exhausted, and I mewl. I feel his smile against me.“Certainly helped with mine,” he adds, shifting me off him. “Lost your voice?”“Yes,” I murmur.“Well aren’ t you the wanton creature? I had no idea you were such an exhibitionist.”
I sit up immediately, alarmed. He tenses. “No one’s  watching are they?” I glance anxiously around the car lot.“Do you think I’d let anyone watch my wife come?” He strokes his hand down my back reassuringly, but the tone of his voice sends shivers down my spine. I turn to gaze at him and grin impishly.“Car sex!” I exclaim.He grins and tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. “Let’s head back. I’ll drive.”
I shut the door and walk to the end of the car to wait for him. Gracefully he climbs out,watching me with that  look. . . that look that calls to something deep inside me. I know this look well. Once he’s in front of me, he leans down and whispers, “You like the car. I like the car. I’ve fucked you in it . . . perhaps I should fuck you on it.”

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