Instagram ellopiageenos: we drew a map to a better place,but on that road I took a fall


we drew a map to a better place,but on that road I took a fall

Taking full advantage, I slowly caress him, letting my fingers explore. He keeps his hand over mine, hiding my bold fingers, while his thumb skates softly over the nape of my neck. His mouth opens as he gasps softly, and it’s the only reaction I can see to my inexperienced touch. But it means so much. He wants me. Everything south of my navel contracts. This is becoming unbearable.

He grasps the top of my dress, his fingers sliding against my skin, and the touch reverberates through my body. In one swift move, he opens the zipper. Holding my dress, he helps me to step out of it, then turns and drapes it artfully over the back of a chair. Removing his jacket, he places it over my dress. He pauses, and stares at me for a moment, drinking me in. I’m in the basque and matching panties, and I revel in his sensuous gaze.

He swallows, then takes my hand, and moves toward the bed. Throwing the duvet aside, he sits down, grabs a pillow, and places it beside him. He gazes up at me standing beside him and suddenly tugs hard on my hand so that I fall across his lap. He shifts slightly so my body is resting on the bed, my chest on the pillow, my face to one side. Leaning over, he sweeps my hair over my shoulder and runs his fingers through the plume of feathers on my mask.

“Put your hands behind your back,” he murmurs.Oh! He removes his bow tie and uses it to quickly bind my wrists so that my hands are tied behind me, resting in the small of my back.“You really want this?”I close my eyes. This is the first time since I met him that I really want this. I need it.“Yes,” I whisper.“Why?” he asks softly as he caresses my behind with his palm.I groan as soon as his hand makes contact with my skin. I don’t know why . . . You tell me not to overthink. 

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