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Never trust a man who can dance


In the bathroom, it's all hot and steamy from where he's been showering. I strip off my clothes and quickly clamber into the shower anxious to be under the cleansing stream of water. It cascades over me, and I hold up my face into the welcoming torrent. I want him. I want him badly. Simple fact.For the first time  in my life, I want to go to bed with a man. I want to feel his hands and his mouth on me.

He said he likes his women sentient. He's probably not celibate then. But he's not made a pass at me. I don't understand. Does he want me.He wouldn't kiss me last week. Am I repellent to him And yet,I'm here  and he brought me here. I just don't know what his game is.What he's thinking. You've slept in his bed all night, and he's not touched you Ana. You do the match. My subconscious has reared her ugly, snide head. I ignore her.

The water is warm and soothing. Hmm... I could stay under this shower, in his bathroom, forever. I reach for the body-wash and it smells of him. It's a delicious smell. I rub it all over myself, fantasizing that it's him - him rubbing this heavenly scented soap into my body, across my breasts, over my stomach, between my thighs with his long fingered hands. Oh my. My heartbeat picks up again, this feels so... so good.

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