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S.J.P is the meaning of style and you can see that from her outfits,  the decoration of her home and her lifestyle. I have benn wasting plenty of hours watching S.A.T.C. and i'm still watching it. The only person, who understands this pleasure is my sister.The personality of style she had in the  S.A.T.C series ,she continues  to have in real life.She's so familiar in interviews and so impressive in events.In a recent interview where it took place at her place, she had to answer a number of questions in a very short time. Her home was so cosy and the house was full of books and personal items, as a house where a family with three children lives, should be. I'm sick of the minimal. I'm sick of the total white. I'm sick of visiting homes where you can't find any personal items of the people living there. Their bathroom is like a hotel's bathroom. I like the colours in the house. They create friendly warmth. So,this interview made me like S.J.P. much more.

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