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La vie l'Adele. I loved so much this movie. It was so realistic, so close to reality.With pure honesty a girl surrenders to love.She compromises in order for the relationship  to move smoothly along with the mistakes and the route of love into the eternity. This is just the way it is. Not all love stories can have a happy end. Ultimately someone gets hurt and someone has to find the strength to move on. And so you do, you move forward having a huge emptiness, avoid left behind you. But you do. A small death. A love story.

This girl, Adele, I don't know..I really like her. I like the innocence that she has in the movie. She brings about the feeling, that you can shape her. At the same time she reflects cleverness and in this way she creates the need to claim for her, to chase her. I like her a lot. She’s a natural beauty. To be honest I wasn't sure how a love story between two women would be like. The only difference is the passion coming from both sides. 

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